History of the Wright City Lions Club

The Wright City Lions Club was organized on July 11, 1960.  The Jonesburg Lions Club sponsored the Wright City Lions Club.  The Wright City Lions Club received its charter on September 24, 1960.  The charter was presented on October 4, 1960.

The Wright City Lions Club International Dues were first due on September 1, 1960.  Club dues were set at $12.00 per quarter with meals included.  The meeting dates were originally set as the second and fourth Monday of every month.  The original meeting place was Davis Cafe (which is now Ruiz Mexican Restaurant).  Although the meeting place has changed, the dates have not.

The exisiting Wright City Lions Club building was built in 1982, after a tornado destroyed the previous building.  The Wright City Lions Club building serves the community in many ways, ranging from a place to cast ballots for local, state, and federal elections to hosting wedding receptions at a reasonable price.

Original Officers and Charter Members

Office Officer's Name
President Melvin Hunziker
First Vice-President Rev. Harry Ring
Second Vice-President Rev. William Winter
Third Vice-President Walter Marty
Secretary James Mollenbeck
Treasurer Jimmy Williams
Lion Tamer August J. Marten
Tail Twister Carl Garrett











Charter Members
 Charles E. Brandes  Melvin Hunziker  Walter A. Pauk  Robert I. Tomek
 Lloyd Bruning  Bernard Leykamp  Harry Ring  Jimmy Williams
 Carl Garrett  August J. Marten  Larry Rose  William Winter
 Lloyd Gresham  Walter Marty  Mike Schreiner  William T. Wood
 James A. Mollenbeck  Fraser C. Small    

Lions Club Purpose

The Motto of the Wright City Lions Club is "We Serve".  The Wright City Lions Club primarily serves by supporting local sight programs at local schools.  The Wright City Lions Club regularly utilizes profits from fund raising activities to maintain the building and donate to the Missouri Eye Institute in Columbia, MO.